EPIQ (Experience Programing in Quorum)

The Experience Programming in Quorum (EPIQ) Workshop is an international professional development workshop for educators to learn the foundational skills necessary to teach students computer science using the Quorum programming language. This summer QORF is running two of these intensive workshops for teachers:


This conference at the Washington State School for the Blind will remain primarily targeted for educators that teach students with disabilities, but depending on funding availability, we hope to include more general education teachers as well. The dates are set for July 22-29, 2015. Please look at the EPIQ page for more information about applying.

EPIC-Las Vegas

We are in the final planning phases for this program which will be hosted at the UNLV Software Engineering and Media Lab. Participants for our initial session will be by invitation only and targeted toward general education teachers. We plan on running this program annually and developing an ongoing community of practice collaborative group.